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Coaching Success Stories

“I am volunteering now.  I feel like I am starting to once again Live My Dreams!”  DM

“I got the contract!  I would not have chased this dream if you did not come into my life and help me believe that I can do anything as long as I believe in myself.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  May you continue to inspire many more people.”  MB

“You always gave more than expected.  You helped me expand my abilities and opened me to more possibilities.  I was able to recognize a 12% increase in my annual revenue because of our coaching sessions.  That represents almost $18,000!  Thank you for your enthusiasm, your wisdom and your direction.  I am forever grateful for all of that.”  IR

“I had a successful appointment today.  Spent several hours practicing what we went over.  It was a huge help and it worked out great!  The clients are now priced exactly where they should be!”  TL

“I am getting ready for my open house today and wanted to thank you … Because of you I actually look forward to doing them.  What a transformation!  As I talk with clients and prospects, review and work my business plan, talk about my goals with others and even plan my day, I keep in mind what you have taught me.  The time you spent coaching me has made such an important difference in my business.  I am so excited!  Thank you.”  LP

“Thank you doesn’t begin to express my appreciation for all that you have done for me.  Your ability to understand me and how I want to approach my business was invigorating.  It was the first time someone wasn’t preaching ‘the formula’.  You helped me make it work for my life, my family.  You are a gifted teacher and mentor.”  MPT

“Thanks for all your encouraging words.  I have taken the first step!  The room is booked and the process is underway.  I’ll keep you posted.  2008 is going to be great!”  LD

Keynote Speaking and Training Success Stories

“Thanks again for the awesome session yesterday.  I always learn so much from your classes, and really appreciate both your knowledge, and your captivating and entertaining way of presenting information.  Most of what you say rings true to my bones with what I believe.  I think you are an extremely gifted teacher.”  CS

“Thanks so much for the training on Wednesday.  Based on what you presented, I called three of my clients who were sitting on the fence.  And now I have three success stories!  You helped me generate over $800,000 in gross sales volume with your techniques.  Everything you said worked – got them off the fence.  Thanks Theresa for being such a great example and excellent teacher.  I look forward to more classes with you.”  PK

“Thanks for another thought provoking training class this morning.  I always get a lot out of your classes.  …I’m a serious student and expect a lot out of instructors.  You consistently deliver.”  JM

“I just wanted to thank you for the time you took to speak with me after your class yesterday.  I hope you can tell, I always enjoy your classes tremendously – your enthusiasm, energy and insights.”  EP

“You always are up, dynamic and on task.  You gave me a system that is user friendly and quick!  Thank you.”  Anonymous

“You WOWed us today!  Thank you.”  RC

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