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What You Can Expect From Your Coach
  • To focus on you and what your needs are during the coaching process
  • To be open-minded and non-judgmental
  • To hold you accountable to your commitment for personal growth
  • To create an encouraging environment with the sole purpose of supporting your ability to maximize who you are and what you want to be, do and have so that you can live your dreams

What Your Coach Expects From You

  • To be committed to the unfolding process of personal and professional growth to maximize who you are and what you want to be, do and have so that you can live your dreams
  • To be honest with your yourself and your coach
  • To take personal responsibility and ownership of your progress
  • To participate fully
  • To be solution and resolution focused

Suggestions For Maximizing Your Coaching Sessions

  • Be open-minded
  • Prepare for each session by completing your pre-call form and by completing your assignments at least 24 hours prior to your coaching session
  • Be prompt
  • Be prepared to openly discuss the status of your progress, your insights, your successes, your relevant concerns and any challenges you may have encountered
  • Conduct your sessions in a distraction free environment that is conducive to open communication and your ability to focus on the matter at hand
  • Take sufficient time to complete your post-call form within 24 hours of completing your coaching session

Length of Coaching Sessions

A typical session will be scheduled for 60 minutes.  It is your responsibility to contact your coach at the exact time the session is to begin.  Being late will impact the length of your session.

Additional Support

It is OK to reach out for your Coach in between sessions for issues that can be addressed quickly.  If it appears that more time will be needed to give the issue its full due, an appointment will be scheduled to deal with it fairly.


You are not required to share anything with your Coach that you are not comfortable doing.  And the same holds true for your Coach.  However, the more you share about what is relevant to the issue at hand, the more productive your session will be.

Please note that Personal Coaching is not a legally protected relationship.  If your Coach is issued a subpoena to testify or provide information, your Coach has to legally comply.  Please keep this in mind when sharing information.

On items that are not of legal matter or potential legal matter, your Coach will hold all information confidential and will not disclose any information without your written consent to do so.

Coaching Is Not

Therapy:  Your Coach is not necessarily a trained, professional therapist.  The focus of your sessions is not to figure out your past.  It is to determine where you are right now and explore what it takes to move forward.

The End All:  Coaching may provide a lighted pathway on your journey.  However, it is only in taking action, taking the first step and all necessary subsequent steps, that you will achieve your desired results.

Relinquishing Responsibility:  It is the exact opposite!  By you agreeing to work in a Coaching environment is a sign that you are ready to step up, take responsibility for creating a better today and a better future!  Congratulations!

Enjoy your journey!!

Coaching FAQ's
Personal Coaching

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